Polygon NFTs

Finding your Polygon NFTs, the easy way and the "other" way

Polygon: The Easy Way

The easiest way to gain visibility of your NFTs on the Polygon network is to visit an NFT marketplace such as Opensea.io or TofuNFT.com.

Please be sure to check the "Hidden" tab of your collection. Airdropped NFTs will usually end up in this section. Be sure to ONLY INTERACT with NFTs you EXPECTED to receive.

Once you have located your NFT in the Hidden tab, you can select to unhide it using the Opensea menu.

Polygon: The "Other" Way

In the rare event an NFT is not visible in your Opensea profile, you can use the Polygonscan block explorer to inspect the wallet directly. This will help confirm possession of an NFT even if it is not displaying correctly in Opensea. The block explorer can be reached at https://polygonscan.com/.

After you access your wallet page on the block explorer, you will want to select the ERC721 tab. This is a designation type of NFT and will filter by only these items.

You can now see the NFTs that have recently arrived in this wallet. You can click on each NFT for more specific details and transaction specifics. You can even take the NFT contract address and plug it into Opensea.io for a possible direct viewing.

The labyrinth of the block explorer is vast. Feel free to explore its halls. Much learning.

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