HaloFi FAQ
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Our History

We launched our first savings challenge on Polygon in June 2021 as GoodGhosting. Soon expanding to Celo and the gradually releasing more challenge. In late 2022, we introduced the second version of GoodGhosting with more functionality and challenge types. Finally, in early 2023, we rebranded to HaloFi! Stay tuned for updates as we improve our platform to offer you the best possible DeFi experience. You can read our full journey below.

Full story

The idea for HaloFi was born at the ETHLondon 2020 hackathon and revived during the summer of 2020 as part of Gitcoin’s genesis KERNEL program. Back then, HaloFi was still known as GoodGhosting. During KERNEL, the founding team formed and started working on the minimum viable product (MVP), while connecting with other builders, mentors and founders in the Web3 ecosystem. HaloFi was bootstrapped.
Since then, the HaloFi team has hit a number of milestones:
HaloFi is always in active development, with plans to launch improved versions of our platform in 2023 and beyond. Stay tuned for updates as we work to provide you the best possible DeFi experience!
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